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Indonesian Clean Room Installation Began

Indonesian Clean Room Installation Began



The clean room project sent by Suzhou Pharma to Indonesia has started to be installed.The overall project is in 600 square meters, clean grade ISO6, ISO7 cleanliness, It is pharmaceutical machinery factory, the customer's factory mainly produces tablets, capsules, oral liquid and other medicines.The whole plant also includes laboratory, QA room, QC room.

Before delivery of the goods, we applied for SGS and CCIC certification for the products, which is more convenient for customers to clear customs and apply for local FDA


The project start to built on November 2022. Before the start of the project, as usual,  we introduced the installation tools required for the clean room to the customer,  as well as the function and usage of each part of the accessories.

The customer carefully confirmed the installation process and required installation tools to us before the official start of construction,make sure there are no misunderstandings.



Now that the project is in progress,  we will publish some actual cases of installation in real time and more installation progress, stay tuned!


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