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Precautions For The Use Of Fume Hood

Precautions For The Use Of Fume Hood


The fume hood can not only provide a good experimental environment for the laboratory, but also better ensure the personal safety of the experimental personnel. During the experiment, the fume hood plays the role of exhaust and ventilation, and discharges harmful gases to prevent the staff in the laboratory from being exposed to some toxic, pathogenic or unknown chemical substances or organic gases and particles. , smoke, vapor, soot, dust and aerosols and other pollutants attack. Therefore, the fume hood is an essential part of the laboratory.

1. Before using the fume hood, check whether the power supply, water supply and drainage, gas and other switches and pipelines are normal;


2. Turn on the lighting equipment and check whether the light source and the inside of the cabinet are normal;


3. Turn on the exhaust fan, within about 3 minutes, listen to whether the operation is normal;


4. When the fume hood is checked in the above order, if there is any problem, please suspend use immediately and notify the maintenance unit to deal with it;


5. Before the fume hood is shut down, the exhaust fan should continue to run for a few minutes to completely remove the exhaust gas in the cabinet;


6. After the fume hood is used, the inside and outside of the cabinet should be wiped clean, and all switches and windows should be closed;


7. Always ventilate the laboratory when the fume hood is not used, which is beneficial to the health of the test personnel;


8.When the fume hood is in use, 10 minutes of supplementary air (that is, open the window for ventilation) is performed every 2 hours. If the use time exceeds 5 hours, the window should be opened to avoid negative pressure in the room.


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