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PHARMA CLEAN——Welcome European Customers

PHARMA CLEAN——Welcome European Customers


January 30, 2024, Suzhou Pharma Machinery welcomes our first customer in 2024. They are from Europe. We still warmly and kindly received them using the professional knowledge about modular cleanroom and the enthusiasm of the Chinese people.


At the sample room, they touch the HVAC system and our HEPA air filters. They experience the fast rolling door; the Air Shower with the stainless steel blowers; and the pass through window, with self-purification ability.

In addition, through the purification steel doors, a variety of cleanroom products(fan fliter unit, air shower, isolator, bio-safety cabinet, HEPA filters), are waiting for them.


This visiting of the cleanroom sample room makes them be full of confidence to PHARMA CLEAN.

After learning about our clean room solutions and equipment, the customers said that it’s right to choose and cooperate with Suzhou Pharma Machinery!  You are the professional supplier of cleanroom products and purification engineering.

Obviously, the continuous cooperation will take place between Suzhou Pharma and the European customer.  And they have already booked their next purchase and made new requests. I wish our future cooperation every success!

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Suzhou Pharma, the leader of cleanroom technology, has a 2400 square meter factory and the first-class sample room in Suzhou, China. We are provider of cleanroom solutions and cleanroom products with more than 15 years experience. So, there are many customers come to our company enery year at Suzhou, China, from all around the world.

Our solid expertise in cleanroom allows meeting the precise needs of its customer's industry in different sectors such as health, biotechnology, and cosmetics. We are a manufacturer integrating design, production and installation, introduces advanced production lines, and can design and produce according to customer requirements. Our custom ISO cleanroom gained customers’ trust and signed with partners in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. A large number of stable design and engineering enterprises and general contractors who have received complete support on both the technical and commercial aspects.

If you want to get the most suitable, the most economic, the most practical cleanroom turnkey project, purification engineering, contact PHARMA CLEAN!



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