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PHARMA CLEAN——Welcome Australian Customer

PHARMA CLEAN——Welcome Australian Customer


In the New Year, customers come one after another! Customers from Australia made a special trip to our company for field visits and in-depth exchanges. They visited our R&D capabilities and production lines and highly appreciated our cleanroom solutions. This visit is not only to consolidate the existing cooperation between the two sides, but also to explore new opportunities for cooperation. Through this interaction and exchange, the two sides between the Australian customers and Suzhou Pharma not only enhanced mutual trust, but also laid a solid foundation for future in-depth cooperation. It is expected that in the coming period of time, the two sides will further refine the cooperation plan and strive to achieve breakthroughs in a number of key areas.  

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The focus of this cooperation between us is on the purification engineering. It usually refers to the design and construction of clean rooms, as well as the installation of supporting air purification equipment and other projects. As one of the grey hair for purification engineering, our company specializes in providing air handling system, high efficiency filter, clean bench, pass through window and other cleanroom core equipment. Suzhou Pharma provides customized purification solutions for different industries (such as semiconductor manufacturing, biopharmaceutical, healthcare, etc.) and customer needs. Our cleanroom turnkey project follows international standards and specifications: ISO 14644 (Clean Rooms and Associated Controlled Environments), FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, EU GMP and industry-specific international or regional standards.

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Suzhou Pharma is one of cleanroom manufacturers has a full experiences team in handling international cleanroom projects and equipment. More than 17 years of experience in clean room industry, Suzhou Pharma Machinery is favored by customers all over the world. They have given high attention and recognition to our cleanroom design and solutions. Customers expressed high satisfaction with our cleanroom engineering and services and expressed their willingness to cooperate with us further. As the most trusted partner, SZ-Pharma are fully compliant to cleanroom technology standards as we’re certified to ISO standard and famous for our detail-oriented.



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