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Mask Modular Clean Room

Mask Modular Clean Room


In 2020, novel corona-virus pneumonia year, we launched our clean room new product, modular cleanroom mask shop according to customer requirements.Because a large number of mask machines need to be placed in the clean room workshop for production

Our clean room is design by GMP standard.It can be ISO5-9 air clean grade clean room.

ISO7/8 can fit for the Mask production.It also fit for all Pharmaceutical Workshop,

,food ,Electronic , optical instrument factory,We can provide HVAC system.

It is design for quick install mode.Our modular clean room is easy to install.

Two workers can install it in 1-2 weeks.The standard size is ISO7 4*3*2.5m.

Several standard sets can come to Be a big room and workshop.

We can make the size of room as you want.         


My Canadian customer, the clean workshop for mask cleaning production, has been in normal use for half a year, and now he is planning to expand it. He has planned to buy the clean room from us again. In the new year, we will launch more new cleanroom products to meet the needs of our customers.

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