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Live Broadcast Of Clean Room Model Room

Live Broadcast Of Clean Room Model Room



The live broadcast preparation of our clean room sample room has been completed. The sample room is set in our office. We have installed a sample room containing most of the basic equipment of the clean room according to the GMP standard construction process of the clean room. Here we can see the clean room sandwich board wall, the clean room sandwich board ceiling, and the special painted steel door for the clean room. It is divided into single door, sub-door, and double door. The color can be blue, Pink, yellow, green, white, etc., we can customize the size and color of the door according to the customer's needs. There are also 304 stainless steel air shower rooms, which have single, double, cargo shower rooms, etc. We can customize the size, blowing method and door orientation according to the customer's needs. At the side of the air shower room, we have installed a transfer window. This is a static transfer window, which is suitable for transferring materials between two clean areas, Tools or finished products. The dynamic transfer window has its own air filtration system in its own interior, which can eliminate the pollution caused by dust and unclean air entering when it is opened from the unclean area. At the same time, we can also see the special electric lamp for the clean room and the flat LED electric lamp. Our electric lamp has obtained the European CE certification. Our clean room glass window is made of double-layer tempered glass, with the standard size of 1000 * 980mm. We can also customize the size of the glass window according to customer needs. PVC flooring can be customized according to customer needs, because PVC flooring is easier to install, we usually recommend customers to use PVC flooring


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