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How To Solve The Large Difference In The Weight Of Pressed Tablets(2)

How To Solve The Large Difference In The Weight Of Pressed Tablets(2)



Many customers will encounter the problem of large difference in the weight of pressed tablets during use. Here we will analyze the causes and solutions of the whole problem.

7. The feeder is unbalanced or not installed in place, resulting in uneven filling.

8. The dust scraper is uneven or not installed in place.

Solution: leveling.

9. The impeller speed of the forced feeder does not match the rotary table speed.

Solution: match.

10. The consistency between the punch and the middle die hole is not good, for example, there is a lot of powder leakage between the outer circumference of the down-punching and the wall of the die hole, resulting in the "astringent punching" phenomenon of the down-punching, resulting in insufficient material filling.

Solution: The punch and middle die should be replaced.

11. The length of undershoot is different, which is out of tolerance, resulting in uneven filling.

Solution: error correction, error ± 5 μ Within m.

12. For down-punching with damping, the damping force adjusted by the damping screw is inconsistent.

Solution: readjust.

13. The filling track is worn or the filling mechanism is unstable.

Solution: replace or secure.

14. Pursue the output, the rotating speed of the turntable is too fast, and the filling amount is insufficient.

Solution: especially when pressing large pieces, the rotating speed should be appropriately reduced to ensure sufficient filling.

15. The tablet press has excessive vibration, loose structure and unreasonable assembly.

Solution: check the tablet press, set the pressure adjustment, and reduce the tablet force




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