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FAQ What Is The Standard Of 100000 Level Purification Workshop?

FAQ What Is The Standard Of 100000 Level Purification Workshop?



100000 level purification workshop refers to a clean workshop with air cleanliness of 100000 level. Air cleanliness refers to the amount of suspended particles in the air in a clean environment. Generally, high dust concentration in the air leads to low air cleanliness, while low dust concentration leads to high air cleanliness. The air cleanliness level is determined by the maximum allowable particle number per cubic meter of air. Next, we will analyze the standards and requirements of 100000 level purification workshop from three aspects: the structural materials of the dust-free workshop, the principle of air purification, and the purification standard of the cleanliness level.

What is the standard of 100000 level purification workshop

What does the 100000 level purification workshop need to do? What should I pay attention to? It involves air conditioning system verification, water system verification, detection of dust particles, settling bacteria and floating bacteria, cleaning and disinfection of clean areas, material, cleaning and disinfection of uniforms in clean areas, etc.

100,000 level purification workshop means that the particles per cubic meter in the workshop should be controlled within 10W, and the food workshop should reach 100,000 level.

Standard for 100000 level purification workshop: cleanliness levels are generally divided into 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000 and 300000 levels.


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