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FAQ How To Clean The Clean Room

FAQ How To Clean The Clean Room



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Today, let's talk about how to clean the clean room. Clean rooms are cleaned from top to bottom, from the top to the ground.


1. Cleaning of floor slab and ceiling beam of clean room

First, we need to prepare dust-free rags, buckets, mops. We take the bucket with pure water to the ceiling, wet it with a dust-free rag, wring the rag, and wipe the ceiling. Remember not to leave traces. When cleaning the beams, wet and wring the ceiling with a mop, and then wipe the floor where your hands cannot reach.


2. Clean the equipment on the ceiling

If a newly built clean room is to be cleaned, the protective film used for transportation shall be torn off and the dust shall be wiped with a dust-free rag. When cleaning the pipelines and bridges on the ceiling, the places that cannot be reached shall be wiped after the mop is wet and screwed dry. Do not leave traces on the pipe.


3. Clean the ceiling

After cleaning the upper beams and equipment, we should tidy up the garbage, wipe the ceiling, and bring the garbage, buckets, mops and rags to the ground without leaving any traces.


4. Clean the equipment under the ceiling

The cleaning method of the equipment under the ceiling is the same as that of the equipment on the ceiling. Remove the protective film and wipe the dust with a dust-free cloth. After cleaning, there will be no trace left.


5. Clean the floor

The operation sequence is to tear off the protective film, clean up the garbage • clean up the garbage with a sweeper, clean with a dust-free mop, and clean and dry the floor with pure water.

The order of cleaning the clean room is from top to bottom, from inside to outside, and from one direction to the other.


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