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Double Delivery A Week

Double Delivery A Week


Speed determines strength

From October 19 to 21, it was packed and shipped twice in just 3 days, each time it was two full 40' containers. There are many types of items shipped, such as clean room panels, stainless steel furniture, transfer windows, air conditioning units, etc. In the context of the epidemic and rising prices of raw materials, the speed of our shipments demonstrates our strength.


An efficient team is inseparable from unity and cooperation

There are many types of shipments this time, and most of them are bulk parts, which require a lot of labor. Work together from top to bottom, perform their duties, assist in the business, and make amazing results in the fastest time. Such efficient results and such an excellent team are worthy of you.


We take care of the needs of our customers

From your inquiry, we have started precise preparations. We have high-quality salespersons to talk to you. After the order is placed, a professional engineer will draw you customized drawings. The production also has our own factory to produce for you, and the goods will arrive. In the future, we will also have 24-hour staff to answer your incomprehension and doubts about the installation.


Cases we have done

We have cooperation with many countries and regions such as the Jordan, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, etc., and serve all aspects of the industry, such as the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, cosmetics production, electronics industry, etc., not to worry about the professional aspects. We have 13 years of experience. The company can meet your various requirements and solve your various problems.


There are some cases link for your reference.

Main business products

Our company mainly products, such as clean room, pass box, air shower, supercritical extraction machine, tablet press, mold and other products. These products have high-quality performance and affordable prices. For example, the clean room has the attributes of simple construction and easy installation. The panel of the clean room is also excellent. It includes the characteristics of light weight, convenient installation, good fire resistance, more durability, beautiful appearance, and a variety of materials to choose from (rock wool, fiberglass cotton, polystyrene, polyurethane, etc.)


Seeing this, you must have a certain understanding of our company's products and service capabilities. There are our products at the bottom of the article. If you need it, you can click for reference and look forward to cooperating with you.


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