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Tanzania Clean Room Shipment

Tanzania Clean Room Shipment


Lucy's Tanzanian customer's clean room panels were shipped yesterday. Due to the weather, the difficulty of work has increased, and the working hours of our staff have also been extended. It was not until 11 pm that all our goods were packed. This is our corporate culture, no matter what difficulties, no matter when, we will always solve the problem in a teamwork way. With the efforts of all the staff, the two 40' tall cabinets were dispatched smoothly. So this time, let’s talk about the classification and function of the clean room panels shipped yesterday.


Clean panel is a composite panel with color-coated panel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy panel and other materials as the surface material. The clean panel has unique dust-proof, anti-static, anti-bacterial and other effects. It is widely used in clean engineering fields such as electronics, pharmacy, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research, which have strict requirements on the indoor environment. The clean panel can be made of rock wool, paper honeycomb, glass magnesium panel, aluminum honeycomb and other core materials, color steel panel, color coated aluminum alloy panel, stainless steel panel, titanium zinc panel and other panel materials.


Our clean room panels are divided into hand-made panels and machine-made panels. Hand-made panels can be produced with fixed length and width according to customer engineering requirements, combined and installed, which can not only greatly reduce the cost of basic and structural engineering of the building, but also can be disassembled and assembled multiple times. Machine-made panels are sealed on both sides, the comprehensive benefits are very significant. In theory, the machine-made panel can be cut at the construction site, and the manual panel has a keel around it, so cutting on the construction site should be avoided as much as possible.


The advantages and defects of the mechanical panel and the manual version are summarized for your reference. You can choose according to your needs.


The advantages of hand-made panels: high flatness, strong bearing capacity and convenient installation.

Defects: The requirements on the site are high, and the seams and losses are too large.


The advantages of machine-made panels: fast processing speed, low construction cost, and sensitive scale.

Defect: Relatively low strength.


The above is all about today’s panels information. If you want to know more about clean room information, you can continue to pay attention to our official website, hope our article can inspire you, welcome your inquiry.



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