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On-Site Clean Room Panel Installation in Saudi Arabia

On-Site Clean Room Panel Installation in Saudi Arabia


The installation and commissioning of the new project in Saudi Arabia proceeded as scheduled.


This clean room project is 800 square meters, cleanliness ISO7, used in the pharmaceutical industry, has the characteristics of easy installation and easy disassembly.


Our installation advantages:


1.We have a professional after-sales installation service team, 24 hours online to answer your question


2.Each panel has its own number, which is very convenient to install. With detailed drawings,you can find each panel accurately and quickly


3.We could provide a complete set of clean room installation videos and manual, such as wall and roof system, door and windows, filter system, and HVAC system, etc.


4.We keep a loading list on the pallet, so that customers can accurately find the goods in all packages.


5. If the customer wants to change the design temporarily during construction, we provide additional panels, and customers can cut according to their own ideas.


We have also summed up a lot of experience during this installation. Due to the COVID-19, going abroad for debugging has almost become a problem faced by every engineering company. And the customer's site changes and other factors, so we have also taken the following measures.Prepare more panels to prevent the problem of insufficient number of panels. Online training to teach customers how to install a clean room.In the future, we will do more detailed services to deal with different situations.


Saudi Arabia is a very beautiful country. We have done many clean room projects there and participated in exhibitions organized by the Saudi Arabian government.If you are interested in our clean room,please contact us at any time, looking forward to our cooperation!




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