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Analysis Of Tablet Shape And Type

Analysis Of Tablet Shape And Type


For tablet manufacturers, their products are no longer single round tablets, but diversified requirements

1. From the shape, there are a variety of requirements, such as ring, square, trapezoid, oval, triangle, sphere, petal shape, deep concave, shallow concave, etc. In order to achieve the pressing of these tablet products, the stamping die needs to be customized according to the tablet products of users. Most of them are non-standard stamping dies, which are used to pressing square, trapezoidal, rectangular, triangular The punch of petal shaped and other non-circular tablets is called special-shaped punch. The upper punch of this kind of punch needs to be equipped with directional key, and the upper punch hole of turntable needs to be processed with keyway to cooperate with punch to complete the pressing of tablets.

2. From the color, there are monochrome film, two-color film, etc. The monochrome tablet is pressed with one material, and the two-color tablet needs two materials (that is, two materials are pressed into one tablet, but the layers and colors are clear). To realize the pressing of the two-color tablet, it is necessary to transform the down punch guide rail system of the tablet press, so as to realize two-time filling and one-time forming. If a special tablet taking device is added, the content of one of the materials can be measured to control the ratio of the two materials.

3. It can be divided into those with or without characters, such as those with Chinese characters, those with letters, and those with graphics. To achieve this kind of tablet pressing, it is necessary to customize the die according to the sample of tablet products of users, and process the corresponding Chinese characters or graphics on the die to realize the tablet pressing.

4. From the shape and size, there are standard shape and size, and super large size. For super large tablet products, we should not only order large-scale die, but also transform the structure of tablet press, mainly the filling adjustment system, pressure adjustment system, guide rail system and turntable.



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