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Various Shape Mould Die Sets for Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Various Shape Mould Die Sets for Rotary Tablet Press Machine
Brand name:
1 year
USD 60-150/square meter
T/T;Cash;Alibaba trade assurance
Delivery Time:
15-20 days, depending on the quantity
Supply Ability:
50-100 sets/month
Start Port:
Packing Details:
Carton packing, metal frame, plywood case

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  • After Warranty Service:Video technical support, Online support, Field maintenance and repair service

  • Warranty:1 year

  • Material:Gcr15

  • Thickness:2-6mm

  • Power Source:Electricity

  • Mould life:Standard

  • Design software:CAD

  • Application: Tablet press machine




The die and punch are the most important parts in the tablet press machine, there is one set of die and punch, and they are upper punch, middle punch, lower punch.


Press Chinese and Western Medicine.

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1. It is made of carbon steel, bearing steel and chrome 12

2. Digital machining center precision manufacturing, in line with IPT standards

3. Corrosion resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life

4. Interchangeability 100% (no matter round or special mold)

Tablets are a common dosage form in medicinal preparations because of their convenience to take, and the die is an indispensable accessory on the tablet press of commonly used tablet equipment. It is also a very important task to correctly select the appropriate die after the tablet press is purchased. In daily life, many tablet pharmaceutical factories cannot use the tablet press normally due to improper die selection. In order to enable the users of the pharmaceutical factory to better order the appropriate die, this article will introduce some details. At the same time, it is recommended that the user of the pharmaceutical factory should have a full discussion with the die manufacturer first to reduce possible problems during production.

 Due to the characteristics of track design and processing technology, it is recommended that users must purchase products from the same factory for tablet press and die, and do not frequently change mold manufacturers, but choose factories with strong strength and good processing accuracy. Don't blindly pursue cheap and buy inferior dies, which will eventually damage the tablet press.

 Selection of tablet type: The correct selection of tablet type is the first step to the success of a tablet die. For example, chewable tablets require high hardness and are easy to chew. Most of them use bevel-edged flat tablets; those that require film coating can choose shallow-concave tablets. Because there are no binders and lubricants in the raw materials of Chinese tablets, it requires high pressure when compressing tablets, and the tablet shape is preferably shallow. For tablets with high sugar content, the design of the tablet shape is preferably shallow or flat. The middle mold can use alloy steel or hard alloy. The deep-concave sheet die is easy to damage, so use it as little as possible.

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Mold maintenance:

The main contents are cleaning, lubrication and inspection.

 A. Maintenance during mold installation: 

      1.The upper and lower surfaces of the mold should be cleaned before installing the mold to ensure that the mold mounting surface and the working table of the press will not be compressed and damage the parallelism of the upper and lower mounting surfaces of the mold in production;

      2.After the mold is installed, open the mold and clean all parts of the mold, especially the guide mechanism. For the surface part of the mold, its surface should be cleaned to ensure the quality of the parts;

B. Maintenance in production: 

      1.Oil the corresponding parts of the mould regularly during production. Such as: the pressing ring and fillet of the drawing die; the knife edge of the trimming die; the flanging knife block, etc;

      2.Clean up the small hole waste channel of trimming and punching die regularly.

C. Maintenance after production:

      1. After the end of production, the mold should be checked comprehensively;

      2. Clean the mold completely to ensure the cleanliness of the mold; 

      3. Clean up the waste in the mould to ensure that there is no waste in the waste box; 

      4. If it is used for a long time, spray antirust oil after cleaning. If it isnot used for a long time, put it in diesel after cleaning

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Prepare timeMaterialGcr15 and 6CrW2Si
StandardInternational standard 
Tablet Shape custom shape
Tablet size5mm-18mm
ModelTDP, RTP & ZP
Prepare time20 working days
Die shapecustom shape,shallow concave,bevel edged detachable or round 
design softwareCAD
Die size6-40mm can be customized



product-Various Shape Mould Die Sets for Rotary Tablet Press Machine-PHARMA-img-2


product-PHARMA-Various Shape Mould Die Sets for Rotary Tablet Press Machine-img-2

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