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zp series punch die/mold

zp series punch die/mold

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ModelStorage tankL/minNON LOAD TEMPpwer Size
SZP-5/5L35L-12~-120C220V 50Hz 520*350*720mm
SZP-10/10L35L-12~-120C220V 50Hz 580*450*730mm
SZP-20/20L35L-12~-120C380v 50Hz 630*520*1000mm
SZP-30/30L35L-12~-120C 380v 50Hz 940*710*1010mm
SZP-40/40L70L-12~-120C 380v 50Hz 1030*860*1030mm
SZP-50/50L70L-12~-120C 380v 50Hz 1000*9810*1030mm
SZP-80/80L70L-12~-120C 380v 50Hz 1000*800*1100mm
SZP-100/100L70L-12~-120C 380v 50Hz 1100*900*1100mm

Water chillers are divided into air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers in the industry. Water chillers are

divided into low-temperature chillers and normal-temperature chillers in temperature control.

Normal temperature is generally controlled in the range of 0-35 degrees. The temperature control of cryogenic

machine is generally in the range of 0-45 degrees below zero.

The liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat in the water and begins to evaporate in the refrigerant

recycling system of the water cooler. There is a certain temperature difference between the ultimate refrigerant

and the water. The liquid refrigerant is also completely evaporated into gaseous state and then inhaled

and compressed by the compressor. The gaseous refrigerant releases heat through the condenser

and condenses into liquid. After throttling, the superheated expansion valve becomes a low temperature

and low pressure refrigerant and enters the evaporator to complete the refrigerant recycling process.







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