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Today Will Introduce The Principle Of Unidirectional Flow (Laminar Flow) Clean Room.

Today Will Introduce The Principle Of Unidirectional Flow (Laminar Flow) Clean Room.


Today (Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.) Will Introduce The Principle Of Unidirectional Flow (Laminar Flow) Clean Room.

In The Clean Room, From The Air Supply Port To The Return Air Port, There Is Almost No Change In The Cross Section Of The Air Passing Through. In Addition To The Pressure And Flow Equalization Effect Of The Inlet Static Pressure Box And The High-Efficiency Filter, The Flow Rate On The Entire Room Section Is Relatively Uniform, At Least In The Working Area, The Streamlines Are Unidirectional And Parallel, And There Is No Eddy Current. These Are The Three Major Characteristics Of Unidirectional Flow Cleanrooms. The Streamlines Here Are Unidirectionally Parallel, Which Means That The Time-Averaged Streamlines Are Parallel To Each Other And Have a Single Direction.

The Flow State Of The Unidirectional Flow Clean Room Is Turbulent According To The Reynolds Number, So The Laminar Flow In The So-Called Laminar Flow Clean Room And The Laminar Flow In Fluid Mechanics Are Completely Different Concepts. Therefore, The Term Laminar Flow Cleanroom Is Inappropriate. For Example, British Standard Bs-5295 Used To Define So-Called Laminar Flow Cleanrooms As Unidirectional Flow Cleanrooms, But Only Took Care Of The Habit Of Denoting Laminar Flow In Parentheses. The Original Federal German Standard Vdl-2083 Used The Term "Non-Turbulent Displacement Flow", And Pointed Out In a Note That The Concept Of Laminar Flow Is Only To Distinguish The Turbulent Flow That Appeared Earlier Than Laminar Flow. In The Idiom Used At The Time, The Exact Meaning Of "Laminar Flow System" Was Not Stratified Flow, But Turbulent Displacement Flow. The Concept Mentioned In This Chapter Is Turbulent Asymptotic Flow. In Fluid Mechanics, This Flow State Can Also Be Referred To As Parallel Flow Or Unidirectional Flow. In 1977, My Country Chose The Term "Parallel Flow" In The "Technical Measures For Air Purification", And Pointed Out That It Is Customary To Call It "Laminar Flow" After The Word. Suzhou Fama Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. Has Always Adopted The Most Advanced Technical Concepts. , Do Clean Room Engineering.

In a One-Way Flow Clean Room, The Clean Air Flow Is Not One Or Several, But Fills The Entire Room Section, So This Kind Of Clean Room Does Not Rely On The Mixing And Dilution Effect Of The Clean Air Flow On The Indoor Dirty Air, But Relies On The Clean Air Flow. Push Out The Effect. The Indoor Dirty Air Is Discharged To The Outdoors Along The Entire Section To Achieve The Purpose Of Purifying The Indoor Air. Therefore, In The Former Federal Republic Of Germany, Some People Called The Airflow In The One-Way Flow Clean Room "Plug Flow", "Plug Flow", While The Former Soviet Union Called It "Squeeze Weak Airflow". The Clean Air Is Like An Air Piston That Pushes Forward (Downward) Along The "Cylinder" Of The Room, So That The Dust Particles Can Only Travel Forward (Downward) Without Returning, Pushing The Otherwise High Dust Content Air Out Of The Room . .

The Above Introduction Is About The Principle Of Unidirectional Flow (Laminar Flow) Clean Room.

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