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Today We Will Introduce The Clean Room Bench

Today We Will Introduce The Clean Room Bench


SUZHOU PHARMA MACHINERY CO.LTD. For clean room projects, according to customer requirements, match all related equipment.

Today we will introduce the clean room bench:

The clean workbench in the dust-free workshop can maintain local purification with high cleanliness on the operating table according to the requirements of the product or other purposes. The clean workbench can form aseptic and dust-free local purification in the local space of the operating table. Its main components are filter, high-efficiency filter, fan unit, shell, static pressure box, table and supporting electrical components, etc. The structural requirements of the clean workbench in the clean room: the countertop is made of wood and plastic veneer pasted on the laminate to make the countertop, or stainless steel is used as the countertop; Rolled sheets are folded and lapped, welded with high current, and the inner surface needs to be pasted with sound-absorbing materials. The maximum size should be suitable for passing through ordinary doors; the box is sealed, and all gaps are sealed with sealant; the section of the operating area should be as close to the air as possible. The air supply section of the filter is the same, and the blind area is minimized; for the fan and motor, a small fan with high pressure and low noise is selected, the connection between the fan and the box body adopts a soft connection, and vibration reduction measures should be taken for both the motor and the fan; the lampshade and fluorescent lamp should be installed as far as possible In the lampshade, clean air should pass through the lampshade; filter should be set with a filter, the capacity should be large, and the initial resistance should be less than 50Pa under the use of air volume; high-efficiency filter, try to use a large-area filter to reduce air filtration Depending on the number of filters, the seal between the filter and the frame should be a double-ring seal system combined with seal and guide.

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