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Today Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd. Introduce To You, Led Purification Lamp.

Today Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd. Introduce To You, Led Purification Lamp.


LED purification lights can generate continuous negative ions to make the air fresh and clean. Effectively eliminate smoke and odors in the air, while eliminating germs and viruses. LED purification lamp, also known as aldehyde purification lamp, is a perfect combination of miniaturized complex equipment that generates negative ions and high-efficiency energy-saving lamps. When the light is illuminated, a large number of negative ions can be generated and spread in the space, thereby eliminating smoke, dust, and odor. It has various functions such as disinfection, sterilization and pollution removal. It is widely used in dust-free workshops, operating rooms, laboratories, production workshops, planting workshops, hospitals, hotels, hotels, offices, conference rooms, family and tea houses, karaoke halls, Internet cafes and other leisure and entertainment. It is an excellent product for improving air quality and eliminating harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene.

The above introduction is related to the introduction of LED purification lights.

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