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The First Shipment from Suzhou Pharma Machinery in April

The First Shipment from Suzhou Pharma Machinery in April


The first shipment from Suzhou Pharma Machinery in April began with light rain. Today, five 40 high containers are being shipped to Europe. The goods for this time are still top-quality cleanroom engineering accessories, including glass windows, cleaning sandwich panels for sale, etc.

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Cleanroom Purification Engineering usually refers to a series of planning, design, construction, commissioning, and operation and maintenance activities carried out in specific production environments, research laboratories, medical institutions, and other places to meet strict process requirements or hygiene standards for air cleanliness, temperature and humidity, pressure, and microbial control. Its purpose is to create and maintain an indoor space environment that meets specific cleanliness standards, ensuring product quality, safeguarding personnel health, improving research accuracy, or meeting special needs such as medical surgery. The main fields involved in purification engineering include electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food processing, precision instrument manufacturing, hospital operating rooms, and sterile wards.


Preliminary planning and design: Based on the specific needs of the usage site and relevant industry standards (such as ISO 14644, GMP, FDA, etc.), determine key parameters such as purification level, temperature and humidity, pressure gradient, airflow organization form, and ventilation frequency, and carry out the design of plane layout, air conditioning system, electrical system, water supply and drainage system, decoration and decoration, fire protection facilities, etc.

Construction and installation: Strictly follow the design drawings and relevant construction specifications to carry out the construction and installation of the enclosure structure of the purification room (such as color steel plate walls and ceilings), high-efficiency filters, supply and return air vents, clean workbenches, transfer windows, air shower rooms, air handling units, automatic control systems, lighting systems, etc.

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Equipment debugging and performance testing: After completion of construction, conduct overall debugging of the purification air conditioning system to ensure that all indicators meet the design requirements. At the same time, professional equipment such as particle counters, anemometers, pressure gauges, and temperature and humidity meters are used to conduct on-site testing and verification of the cleanliness, wind speed, pressure difference, temperature and humidity of the clean room.


PHARMA CLEAN not only provides you with clean room accessories and purification engineering equipment, but also offers one-stop services in various aspects such as early planning and design, construction and installation, equipment debugging and performance testing, operation and maintenance management.

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