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The Difference Between a Biological Safety Cabinet And a Clean Bench

The Difference Between a Biological Safety Cabinet And a Clean Bench


Let's talk about the difference between a biological safety cabinet and a clean bench, and what kind of experiments must choose a biological safety cabinet.


Biological safety cabinet


Biological safety cabinet is a safety equipment widely used in scientific research, teaching, clinical inspection and production in the fields of microbiology, biomedicine, genetic recombination, animal experiments, biological products, etc. The most basic safety protection equipment. 

The biological safety cabinet is a kind of negative pressure purification workbench. Correct operation of the biological safety cabinet can completely protect the staff and test samples and prevent the occurrence of cross-contamination; while the ultra-clean workbench only protects the operating object but not the staff. and clean benches for laboratory environments. Therefore, in the research, teaching, clinical inspection and production of microbiology and biomedicine, biological safety cabinets should be selected and used, but purification benches should not be selected and used.


Clean bench


The clean workbench is designed to protect the experimental materials. The air is sucked into the pre-filter through the fan, and filtered by the high-efficiency filter through the static pressure box. Class cleanliness to ensure production requirements for environmental cleanliness. Only the sample is protected, not the operator. 

In terms of cleanliness level, biological safety cabinets are also higher than ultra-clean workbenches.

Clean workbench is a kind of local purification equipment for clean environment. It has the characteristics of convenient use, simple structure and high efficiency. It is widely used in electronics, instrumentation, pharmaceuticals and other fields.

The working principle of the clean workbench: After the indoor air passes through the coarse filter, it is pressed into the static pressure box by the low-noise fan, and then flows out evenly through the high-efficiency filter, forming a clean air flow through the work area vertically at a uniform wind speed, forming a high cleanliness. working environment.

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