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Tdp pill Making Machine Press Mahcine Equipment Tdp 5 Manual Making Machine

Tdp pill Making Machine Press Mahcine Equipment Tdp 5 Manual Making Machine

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Product Description

This machine is used to press all kinds of granular raw materials into tablets, as well as is used widely in making small lots of tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets and heterogeneous tablets in pharmaceutical, chemical industry, foodstuff factory and science research unit of hospital.It is a type of mini desktop electric tablet press that is operated by electricity, as well as be waved in hand; it fixed a set of die, which is used for pressing different kinds of granular raw materials into round tablet.
The filling depth of material, pressure and thickness of tablets are adjustable.

Main Features

1. The machine is a single punch tablet press machine

2. Small desk-top tablet press which can be operated by both hand and electric motor

3. Cover and the inside table is made of stainless steel.

4. Punch die can be adjusted for various filling depth and tablet-pressing thickness

5. Capable of producing various shapes of tablets of different size with different punch die

6. Small dimension for easy operation and mobility

7. Layout of the equipment is reasonably designed for convenient operation 

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