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TDP-0T Hot Sale mini Single Punch Manual Cheap Pill Tablet Press Machine

TDP-0T Hot Sale mini Single Punch Manual Cheap Pill Tablet Press Machine

TDP-0T Hot Sale mini Single Punch Manual Cheap Pill Tablet Press Machine

Suzhou, China
USD 450-550/Sets
T/T; Cash; Alibaba trade assurance
Delivery Time:
15-20 days,depending on the quantity
Supply Ability:
500 Set/Sets per month
Start Port:
Packing Details:
Carton packing,metal frame;plywood case
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  • After Warranty Service:Video technical support, Online support, Field maintenance and repair service

  • Warranty:1 year

  • Power Source:Hand

  • Tablet Thickness:2-6mm

  • Maximum Pressure:15KN

  • Material:SS304

  • Weight:26kg

  • Type:Single Punch

  • Max.Depth of Fill:12mm

  • Max. Dia. of Tablet:12mm



What is a tablet press machine?

Tablet presses are machines designed to compress pharmaceutical powders and granules into tablets. They must be highly precise in order to create uniform tablets that each contain the same amount of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients.

The pill press machine can press the granular material into tablets, and the products are widely used in pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, hospitals, scientific research units, laboratory trial production and small batch production. Excellent performance, adaptability, easy to use, easy to repair, small size, light weight, this cheap pill press machine only installs a die, the filling depth of the material, the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted,

It can adapt to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry to press various Chinese and Western medicine .And other industries to press a variety of similar products. Various shapes of molds can be customize.

How does a tablet press machine work?

The tablet press is an essential tool used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It operates using a fascinating mechanism that turns powder granules into precisely shaped tablets with great efficiency. To begin the process, the raw material is fed through an adjustable hopper, then flows down to the lower punch where it meets the die cavity. As the upper punch descends, pressure is applied onto the material, compressing it into a solid form within this confined space. The system also expels any excess air or moisture through strategically positioned vents, ensuring uniformity and optimal hardness of each tablet. This meticulous procedure continues until all materials have been processed by another set of lower and upper punches moving forward. Throughout this cycle, parameters such as compression force and dwell time are meticulously controlled to maintain consistent quality assurance for every single tablet produced by this remarkable tablet press machine for sale.



1. The material outlet is made of stainless steel, and the surface is smooth, which can effectively reduce the problems of edge missing, crack and deformation caused by tablet discharging

2. All kinds of stamping dies can be customized and installed, which is simple and convenient. The filling depth and tablet thickness can be adjusted.

3. When the pressure is adjusted to the left and the punch rod moves downward, the pressure will increase, and the hardness of the pressed tablets will increase; when the pressure is turned to the right, the pressure will decrease and the tablet hardness will decrease

What are the benefits of tablet press machine?

The tablet press machine is a state-of-the-art tool that provides a range of benefits in various industries. Its precision and consistency in creating tablets ensure the production of high-quality products with accurate dosages. This not only guarantees the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, but also increases customer satisfaction. Additionally, tablet press machines utilize advanced technology to achieve efficient production rates, enabling manufacturers to meet high demands within tight deadlines. The automation capabilities further streamline the manufacturing process, reducing labor costs and minimizing human errors. Furthermore, these versatile small tablet press machines can accommodate different sizes and shapes of tablets, allowing for flexibility to meet specific requirements or market trends. With user-friendly interfaces and simple maintenance procedures, tablet press machines offer convenience while maximizing productivity in manufacturing facilities around the world.

How to choose tablet press machine?

When selecting a pill tablet press machine, it is essential to thoroughly assess various factors to ensure the best choice for your specific requirements. Begin by determining the production capacity needed for your facility in terms of tablets per hour and match this with the machine's capability to prevent potential hold-ups or inefficiencies in the production process. Then, evaluate the tablet size range offered by different pill press machines and consider if it meets both your current product needs and future expansion plans. Pay careful attention to the speed control capabilities of each machine as they directly impact productivity and allow for precise adjustments during operation. Another critical aspect is reviewing the compatibility of compressing tools provided with each model; these should seamlessly cater to a variety of tablet types. Additionally, examine material handling features such as hopper design and feeder system efficiency that can significantly affect overall production quality and minimize downtime caused by blockages or inconsistencies. Finally, prioritize machines equipped with advanced safety features such as interlocking systems and emergency stop buttons to ensure operator protection throughout its usage cycle while effectively complying with industry regulations.

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Max. Pressure15KN
Max. Dia. of Tablet12mm
Max.Depth of Fill12mm
Max. Thickness of Tablet5mm
Production Capacity5000Pc/h
Machine size390x190x480mm
Net weight26kg

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