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Suzhou Pharma Live Broadcast In 2020

Suzhou Pharma Live Broadcast In 2020


The live broadcast of the Purchasing Festival began in August, and Suzhou Pharma Machinery Limited Company started relevant preparations. Although the live broadcast is still going on, you can also find the perfect effect of the previous live broadcast. All of this goes hand in hand with the Suzhou Pharma Machinery team's efforts.

Our Managing Director Alan, as the leader of the company, Alan always puts the company's business first. His high degree of cohesion enables everyone on the Suzhou Pharma Machinery team to work diligently every day, with Alan at our core.


The General Manager Lucy, as the heart and soul of the Suzhou Pharma Machinery team. She determined the percentage of the promotion (click the link to enjoy 50% discount of clean room drawing design service on the same day, and give the exquisite Suzhou Pharma Machinery commemorative notebook). Her rich experiences in foreign trade has made her well received in the industry.


Spencer is our Sales &Operations Manager, she is not only highly skilled in sales, but also excellent in the operation and management of the company.This time, she prepared the equipment , epigraph CARDS needed for live streaming, mainly including Alibaba live background panel, supplementary light, mobile phone stand and display screen. Provides an outline of the main content of the live broadcast.


And our Business Manager Mia drew up the first draft of this live broadcast, namely Alibaba's live broadcast process in August.She has completed the production of live covers for all shows.She has been specializing in sales, and the number of orders has multiplied.Her pictures have always been exquisite and simple, implementing the image and value system of our company.This is largely due to her serious and rigorous and not afraid of the spirit of hardship.

Betty finished writing the live draft and makes smart catalogs. As a new member of the Suzhou Pharma Machinery team, Betty quickly fits in and can be a great assistant to the Suzhou Pharma Machinery team.

The Suzhou Pharma Machinery team watched live broadcasts of other related industries to learn from their experience and conducts rehearsals and pilots of manuscripts and presentations. Our corporate culture and core values are pragmatic and customer-focused. Suzhou Pharma has a good public praise, five-star high rating rate, which is inseparable from our good service system. After so much preparation, we have successfully completed several live broadcasts. For new and old customers who did not watch our live broadcast, don't worry, our live broadcast is still going on. Customer who have not become our fans, welcome browse to our website, you can follow us and become our fans! Clean room news and discounts are waiting for you!

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