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Summer Travel Experience In Suzhou Pharma

Summer Travel Experience In Suzhou Pharma


Our company's team goal for the second quarter was successfully achieved. From June 30th to July 2nd, we also completed the summer travel plan for the end of the second quarter: We successively went to Tidal Courtyard, Beach of Dongdaihe, Zhimao Bay, Tianlong Temple,


Jinzhou Night Market and Beiputuo Temple. Although the three-day period is fleeting, we have gained a lot from it.


In the Tidal Courtyard, we started a barbecue party and set off the Kongming lanterns at night. Everyone has a clear division of labor and separate actions, you can clearly feel the efficiency of teamwork and the importance of team spirit.


In Beach of Dongdaihe and Zhimao Bay, you can enjoy a unique and beautiful scenery. Feel the waves gently beating on your legs and the soft touch of the fine sand under your feet. For a moment, it seems that all fatigue can be washed away.


Next, head to Tianlong Temple, Jinzhou Night Market and Beiputuo Temple, the scenery is unique and special.


During the three-day trip, you can really feel that everyone is having a good time, relaxing and entertaining in this cheerful atmosphere, and returning to company in the laughter of everyone.


I believe that in the future, the development of our company will be stronger, better and farther!                             

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