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Smooth Delivery Of Goods

Smooth Delivery Of Goods


In May, we successfully shipped three batches of goods to Europe and Africa. The logistics from the factory to the seaport became more and more smooth, basically returning to the previous normal passage time, and even more punctual, because many goods had to be loaded in advance and transported to the port area to wait for the cargo ship. After the cargo ship landed, it unloaded and loaded immediately, which was very efficient. We now use Ningbo port as the shipping port, which was also used in a small amount before the epidemic in Shanghai. Now Ningbo port has become the preferred shipping port. For the shipping fee, Ningbo port will not increase the cost, so we will always use Ningbo port to ensure the smooth progress of our shipping until Shanghai port is fully restored.


We still have three batches of goods to be shipped by sea next month. Customers who want to know about cargo transportation and logistics can follow the shipping section of our home page at any time, and we will update it as soon as possible


Friends who need to buy goods can place orders earlier. There will be more and more orders and goods later. Those who place orders first can get your goods earlier.



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