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About The Production And Delivery Of Goods

About The Production And Delivery Of Goods


Due to the epidemic and many other reasons, many customers are worried about whether the delivery will be delayed or not delivered. Judging from the current news, the delivery has basically improved, and it can be delivered after production, which can be delivered within a week. Delivery is carried out once or several times a week. The current policy is being relaxed little by little, and the speed of delivery is gradually increasing, so delivery is not a problem.


We do clean room engineering and pharmaceutical machinery related equipment, and we want to sell more than 500 of our related products around the world. High quality and high efficiency are our work philosophy, and high-quality customer service is our work belief. Let's introduce Product advantages




At present, clean room is our leading project. From your first inquiry, we have started meticulous preparations. First, we will calculate the required materials for you according to your layout drawing, and design a two-dimensional clean room for you. Drawings, as well as 3D clean room entity demonstration drawings, so that it is more convenient for you to confirm. After the contract is signed, production can be carried out. When preparing for production, we will update the drawings and modeling in more detail, and tell your clean room two-dimensional The drawings are turned into more detailed material drawings, every detail is demonstrated in the drawings to facilitate your installation, and coupled with 3D video animation, the drawings and videos are combined with each other to dispel all your concerns about construction.


Pharmaceutical equipment


The products are tablet presses, blister machines, short-path distillation equipment, etc., such as tablet presses, 1. The frequency conversion speed control device is used for electric speed regulation, which is easy to operate, stable in rotation, safe and accurate. 2. High-quality stainless steel structure, sealed and dust-proof design, in line with GMP design. 3. Adopt high-definition isolation window design, which can clearly observe the pressing state, and can be fully opened, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. 4. With overload protection device, when the pressure is overloaded, it can automatically stop. If you need, you can also carry out simple clean room engineering, equipped with laminar flow hood, improve local cleanliness level, and can also carry out mini clean room construction and put equipment into it to perfectly solve the requirements for cleanliness, many manufacturers are, to pharmaceutical Equipment can only be used as pharmaceutical equipment, and clean room engineering can only be done as clean room engineering. We can do a variety of combinations, equipment and clean rooms cooperate with each other, and a variety of solutions can solve troubles for you and improve your experience of products.


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