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Shipping In Progress

Shipping In Progress



Today is February 23nd. Our busy shipment ended temporarily in February. Today is the last container delivered this month. In February, we delivered a total of 6 containers. In the first month after the end of the Chinese New Year, we completely recovered our previous production efficiency and delivery speed. It has ended in China. The total amount of raw materials, the production speed of factories, the efficiency of logistics and transportation, and the price of shipping have all recovered to the level of 19 years. We will continue to ship at least four full containers of goods in March. For those who like to watch the live broadcast and know how to load the cleanroom goods into the container, please pay attention to our Alibaba store. We will broadcast the live broadcast when loading the goods, Welcome more friends to consult and buy our clean room products


Our company can provide clean room engineering, clean room design, clean room materials and installation and commissioning services, including HVAC system of clean room, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging machines, etc


Clean room refers to a space with good tightness that can control the air cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure, noise and other parameters as required. The development of clean room is closely linked with modern industry and cutting-edge technology. The development of clean room technology has been promoted due to the environmental requirements of precision machinery industry. According to domestic statistics, the qualified rate of MOS circuit cores produced in the environment without the requirements of clean level is only 10% - 15%, and that of 64-bit memory is only 2%. At present, clean room has been widely used in precision machinery, semiconductor, aerospace, atomic energy and other industries.


To reach the cleanliness level, the clean room must have comprehensive measures, including process layout, building plane, building structure, building decoration, personnel and material purification, air cleaning measures, maintenance management, etc. Among them, air cleaning measures are the fundamental guarantee to achieve the cleanliness level


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