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3 Pcs Of 40ft HQ Cleanroom Cargo

3 Pcs Of 40ft HQ Cleanroom Cargo



Today is February 17, 2023. After two boxes of goods were delivered last week, SUZHOU PHARMA MACHINERY delivered the second batch of goods to our customers on time again.


SUZHOU PHARMA MACHINERY sent three 40-foot-high containers this time, and three containers arrived at the factory on time in the morning to wait for loading. Similarly, each container was filled with sandwich panels and double-glazed windows for the clean room. SUZHOU PHARMA MACHINERY quickly loaded half of the goods in the morning, The firm packaging and loading and fixing methods ensure that the goods can reach the customers safely. SUZHOU PHARMA MACHINERY also carried out real-time live broadcast on Alibaba platform when delivering the goods. Friends who want to know and buy our products can pay attention to our live broadcast in our Alibaba store. Many old and new friends have clearly seen the whole process of loading our goods. It has been fully opened in 2023, SUZHOU PHARMA MACHINERY will add more live broadcasts about the production and shipment of goods, explain the features and advantages of the products in more detail, and bring you a perfect shopping experience and 24-hour online services. Because China's visa and border have been fully opened, we can send our service engineers and staff to the customer's local place at any time to carry out installation and commissioning services, and complete the turnkey project. We are now fully prepared for the arrival of new orders in 2023. Friends who need to purchase clean room engineering, air purification equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, packaging machines can contact us at any time. After you place the order, we will complete the production and shipment of the goods as quickly as possible. If we need to provide transportation services, we have a complete and mature transportation system to ensure that the goods arrive at the port quickly and safely. Next week, we will send at least one 40-foot container high container.


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