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Shipment to Germany

Shipment to Germany


In 2021, old customers will continue to place orders, and this time a total of 23 containers will be ordered.


When inspecting the goods, every side and every corner of the color steel plate is carefully inspected. Each aluminum alloy profile is carefully cut according to the customer's requirements, and the size is measured. Other small screws and nuts are also carefully checked for customers. While ensuring quality for customers, it also guarantees quantity.


When packing, we wrap the four corners of the goods with corner protectors. Based on the thick protective film wrapped around the goods, the color steel plate goods are protected by foam paper, which greatly increases the safety of the goods. For aluminum alloy products, a plastic bag is added to the original rear plastic bag.


 When packing, we still use strong packing straps to fix the goods in the box to ensure the integrity of the goods after the customer receives them.



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