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Saudi delivery

Saudi delivery


This time, Saudi Arabia sent a total of 2 containers of 40 high containers. After the goods are produced, there are a series of steps from inspection to delivery.


 The "clean room" is just a house from the name, but when taken apart, it contains screws, aluminum alloys, plates, vents, and other finely divided items. In order to allow customers to receive satisfactory products, we repeatedly check the quantity of each sample.


Before shipping, we draw a packing diagram according to the packaged dimensions of the goods to ensure that the goods are neatly placed in the container. On the day of shipment, the master workers, under the guidance of our factory manager, put the goods codes in the container in an orderly manner, and the goods are fixed, and so on.


We treat every customer like family and friends and handle everything for the customer seriously and responsibly.


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