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Shipment Of Supercritical Co2 Extraction Machine In Australia

Shipment Of Supercritical Co2 Extraction Machine In Australia


The product we shipped today is a supercritical co2 extraction machine, which is shipped to Australia.


Friends who often browse our company’s official website must know the supercritical co2 extraction machine very well.


Supercritical extraction technology is the latest subject in modern industrial separation, and it is an advanced separation process that has emerged in the world. Supercritical fluid refers to the fluid whose thermodynamic state is above the critical point (Pc, Tc). The critical point is the point where the gas-liquid interface just disappears. Supercritical fluid has very unique physical and chemical properties, and its density is close to that of liquid., The viscosity is close to that of gas, and it has the characteristics of large diffusion coefficient , low viscosity and dielectric constant. Supercritical extraction means that the solvent in the extraction cylinder is contacted with the extract under high pressure and suitable temperature, the solute diffuses into the solvent, and then the operating conditions are changed in the separator to separate the dissolved substances. This equipment is widely used in biology, pharmacy, food and other fields.


Therefore, supercritical fluid is a very ideal extractant. Supercritical is a supercritical fluid. It is a state of matter that is neither gas nor liquid between gas and liquid. This substance can only exist when its temperature and pressure exceed the critical point. The density of supercritical fluid is higher, similar to liquid, and its viscosity is closer to gas. Therefore, supercritical fluid is a very ideal extractant.


The solvent strength of the supercritical fluid depends on the temperature and pressure of the extraction. Using this feature, only by changing the pressure and temperature of the extractant fluid, different components in the sample can be extracted sequentially according to their solubility in the fluid. The weakly polar substances are extracted first under low pressure. With the increase of pressure, substances with larger polarity and large molecular weight and basic properties, so the supercritical extraction is carried out under the program pressure increase, and different extraction components can be obtained, and at the same time, it can also play a role in separation.


The change in temperature is reflected in two factors that affect the density of the extractant and the vapor pressure of the solute. In the low temperature region (still above the critical temperature), the increase in temperature reduces the density of the fluid, while the vapor pressure of the solute does not increase much. Therefore, the temperature rise during the dissolving power can cause the solute to separate out of the fluid extractant. When the temperature further rises to the high temperature zone, although the density of the extractant further decreases, the vapor pressure of the solute increases, the volatility increases, and the extraction rate increases instead of decreasing.


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