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Pakistan Clean Room

Pakistan Clean Room


Today is the day when our company shipped to Pakistan's clean room. This time the clean room is a modular clean room, and the trade term used is CFR.


As the name implies, a clean room is a room with a high degree of cleanliness, which can be used for the production of various products, such as cosmetics, medicines, food and so on. The clean room can also be used for planting some plants, such as mushrooms, etc. We can provide a constant temperature and humidity for plant growth. The clean room can also be used for experiments, it can be used as a laboratory to study various air problems.


The modular clean room has certain specifications, such as the height of the clean room. It is suitable for small-scale production experimental work. The modular clean room has the advantages of easy installation and disassembly. The installation by some skilled workers only take about ten hours. If you want to expand the scope of the clean room, it is very simple. You just need to remove the clean room panels and add some panels.


Our clean rooms are divided into modular clean rooms, turnkey clean rooms and customizable clean rooms. Modular clean rooms are mentioned above.


The turnkey clean room is the customer give us an idea. We build the clean room for the customer according to the customer's idea, including drawings, clean room layout, what type of furniture in the clean room, and the clean room need what kind of tools, all the work is done by us, and finally reach the level of customer satisfaction.


Customizable clean room means that the customer sends the CAD drawing to us. We communicate with the customer according to the customer's request, modify the layout of the clean room according to the drawing, determine the number of doors and windows, panel materials and other details, customize the clean room according to customer requirements, and some clean products, such as air showers, transfer windows, etc.


The material of the panel and the thickness of the PVC floor can be selected by the customer. Our clean room panel material has many kinds, please contact us and we will give you a complete quotation sheet for your reference.


This is the general type of clean room. If you need it, please contact us. Our phone number is 0086 18241958031, and looking forward to your call.




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