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Shipment from Indonesia-2

Shipment from Indonesia-2


Next, let's talk about how difficult it is to clear customs in Indonesia

Transportation route

Before shipment, the declaring enterprise shall communicate with the freight forwarder in time to verify the transportation route. Some shipping companies have not informed them that they are transit transportation, and now even if they transit from a third place, the shipping companies do not provide a two-way bill of lading, but only issue a through transport bill of lading. The enterprises do not know the transit information, so they cannot provide relevant certificates to the customs of the importing country, resulting in the refund of the certificate.

If the enterprise reasonably transships from Hong Kong, it shall report to the Hong Kong Central Inspection company according to the facts, apply for the certificate of non reprocessing, and submit the form e and the material at the same time when declaring to the Indonesian customs. Or the enterprise directly explains to the shipping company that it only orders ships directly to Indonesia without transshipment. According to the shipping company, the booking fee is about 10% higher than the transshipment fee, but this can ensure the implementation of the certificate of origin tariff preference.

Origin standard

The origin of goods shall be declared truthfully, and all products in a batch of goods must meet the origin standards respectively. If a batch of goods contains similar commodities or spare parts of different specifications, each product shall meet the origin standard.

Invoice information

The invoice information shall be accurate, especially the invoice number and date. Don't blindly follow the customer's requirements in the invoice amount and other columns. Don't blindly follow the customer to lower the invoice amount! Don't blindly follow the customer to lower the invoice amount! Don't blindly follow the customer to lower the invoice amount!

The intermediary trade involving a third country must be filled in truthfully. The third party invoice should be used for customs clearance. First, the third party invoice number and date should be filled in as required. At the same time, the name and detailed address of the third party company outside mainland China should be noted in the seventh column. In addition, the "third party Invoicing" option should be checked.

Declaration of shipping marks

The information of the shipping mark shall be completely consistent with the shipping mark on the outer package of the actual goods. The words "made in a region or country other than China" and the words "origin of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan" shall not appear. If there is no shipping mark, enter "n/m'. There are special patterns on the shipping mark, which shall be printed on A4 paper, marked with the certificate number, application and visa date at the corresponding position, and stamped with the corporate seal as an attachment.

Document retention of certificate of origin

The original of the form e certificate shall be submitted to the customs of the importing country, the third copy shall be filed and kept, and the relevant data shall be kept for at least 3 years. If there is any inquiry about the return of the certificate, the applicant shall actively cooperate with the visa agency in the investigation.

In addition, it is recommended to select powerful and reputable Indonesian customers, strengthen communication with customers, and obtain relevant policy requirements of Indonesian customs from various parties; The products exported to Indonesia shall be contracted at FOB price to avoid the risk of customs clearance in Indonesia.



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