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Equipment Shipped To Greece

Equipment Shipped To Greece


Daily delivery, this delivery to Greece, delivery to Europe requires the shipper to provide co certificate of origin, and the receiver can complete customs clearance and put forward the goods. Let's talk about the "certificate of origin of CO".

C. O. certificate of origin, also known as general certificate of origin, is a kind of certificate of origin. C. O. certificate of origin is a kind of certificate document used to prove the relevant export goods and manufacturing place, and it is the "origin" certificate of goods in international trade. Under certain circumstances, the importing country will give different tariff treatment to the imported goods accordingly. In international trade, countries all over the world generally implement import trade control according to their foreign trade policies, implement differential tariffs and quantitative restrictions on imported goods, and the customs carries out statistics. It has become an international practice for importing countries to require exporting countries to issue certificates of origin of goods. Therefore, C.O. certificate of origin is an important certification document for international trade, which, in summary, plays the following roles:

(1) Determining the tariff treatment of products is an important tool to improve market competitiveness; C. O. the certificate of origin is an effective certificate for the customs of various countries to levy tariffs and implement differential treatment. For example, if the governments of the importing country and the exporting country conclude relevant tax agreements and stipulate the agreed customs rate in the form of a treaty, or the most favored nation clause is stipulated in the treaty between the two countries, the buyer often requires the seller to provide a valid certificate of origin to prove that the origin of the imported goods is indeed the other country of the contracting party, so that the corresponding tax rate treatment can be obtained.

(2) C.O. certificate of origin also plays a role in proving the internal quality of commodities and improving the competitiveness of commodities. For example, silk with Chinese certificate of origin can sell better in the international market than silk with certificates of origin from other countries that do not produce silk. In addition, the certificate of origin is sometimes a necessary document for the handover and settlement of foreign exchange between the trading parties. If the buyer often requires the C.O. certificate of origin to ensure its own interests when applying for the opening of a letter of credit (l/c), the bank also often takes the C.O. certificate of origin as an important voucher for the payment of the letter of credit (l/c).

(3) Goods importing countries implement differentiated quantitative control, which is a tool for trade management. According to their trade policies, countries around the world often impose restrictions on some goods and formulate some quantitative control measures for imported goods, such as import quotas, licensing systems, anti-dumping and countervailing systems, in order to protect their own industrial production and the needs of international trade competition. In order to implement these control systems, it is necessary to first determine which country the imported goods come from, and then determine whether these goods are subject to import quantity restrictions, whether they need to hold import licenses, whether they need to offset quotas and impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties... The certificate of origin has also become an important tool for the implementation of these systems.

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