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Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Rotary Tablet Press Machine


The speed of the rotary table, the filling depth of the material and the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted when the rotary tablet press presses tablets. The mechanical buffer device on the machine can avoid the damage of mechanical parts caused by overload. The machine is equipped with a powder suction box. The dust generated during the operation of the machine can be sucked through the suction nozzle to avoid binding and blocking, and the raw materials can be recycled for reuse.

Structural features of rotary tablet press:

1. The upper half of the machine is a tablet pressing structure: its composition is mainly composed of three parts: upper punch, middle die and lower punch. The surrounding 19 punch dies are evenly arranged on the edge of the rotary table, and the tail of the upper and lower punch rods are embedded on the fixed curved guide rail. When the rotary table rotates, the upper and lower punches move up and down with the curved guide rail to achieve the purpose of tablet pressing.

2. The main working process is divided into: ⑴ filling; ⑵ tablet pressing; ⑶ film production. The three procedures are carried out continuously. The filling and tablet pressing are provided with adjustment and control mechanisms and attached with table instructions. The operation is simple.

3. The machine adopts the flow grid feeding mechanism, which can make the materials fill the die holes evenly and reduce the difference in the weight of the pieces.

4. The motor is installed in the machine base, the worm drive rotary table is driven by a V-belt, and the motor shaft is equipped with a continuously variable speed pulley. The speed can be adjusted arbitrarily through the movement of the motor, which is safe, reliable and noiseless.

5. The side of the machine base is equipped with a powder suction box, including a blower, a powder storage chamber and a powder filter chamber. When the machine is running at high speed, flying powder and falling powder from the middle mold will be discharged through the powder suction nozzle, so as to avoid binding and blocking, and keep the operation stable and normal.

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