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Purification Workbench, Folding Vertical Flow Purification

Purification Workbench, Folding Vertical Flow Purification


Hello Everyone, Welcome To: (Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.). Today, I Will Explain To You The Principle Of Purification Workbench And Vertical Flow Purification.

Vertical Flow Purification:

The Vertical Flow Clean Workbench Adopts The Air Flow Form Of The Vertical One-Way Flow Purification Principle, And Combines The Low-Noise Centrifugal Fan, The Static Pressure Box And The High-Efficiency Filter Into a Single Unit Structure. This Product Can Use a Separate Table To Reduce The Impact Of Vibration.

It Is a Kind Of Airification Equipment With Strong Versatility To Provide Local Clean Environment. Its Use Has a Good Effect On Improving Process Conditions, Improving Product Quality And Increasing Yield.


(1) Cleanliness Class100 Conforms To Iso1466-1 International Standard

(2) The Adjustable Air Volume And Low Noise Fan System Is Adopted To Ensure That The Wind Speed In The Working Area Is Always In An Ideal State

(3) The Steel Plate Of The Box Is Electrostatically Sprayed Brightly And Flatly, And The Operating Table Is Made Of 304 Stainless Steel.

The Above Is The Explanation Of The Purification Workbench And The Vertical Flow Purification.

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