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Principles Of Clean Workshop Pharmaceutical Plant Construction

Principles Of Clean Workshop Pharmaceutical Plant Construction


The layout design of the pharmaceutical plant is one of the main achievements of the plant workshop design, and is also one of the basic materials for other cooperative disciplines to carry out the vehicle service design. The workshop layout design shall fully consider the reasonable arrangement of production, management and living facilities of the workshop, as well as the coordination with the plant area in connection and layout to reduce energy consumption and investment costs, such as the location of the workshop in the general layout of the plant area, the distance between the workshop and other buildings and structures, and the connection with other production workshops or departments (including the number, direction and transportation mode of people and logistics),

The reserved expansion space for the workshop production plant and outdoor facilities, the public system in the plant such as power supply, heat supply, water supply, and the direction of external pipes and sewers. These external conditions often affect or locally determine the design of workshop layout, and sometimes the workshop layout design will also affect the general layout design of the plant. The two have an important relationship of mutual connection and coordination. In addition, it is particularly important to ensure the safe production of the workshop after it is completed and put into operation.

 Therefore, in the design, the nature, quantity, production conditions (operating pressure, operating temperature, whether to use open fire, etc.) of flammable, explosive and toxic materials used in the workshop production process and the danger and degree of toxic substances produced should be thoroughly understood. If conditions permit, you can go to the same type of factory to learn about the layout, production operation and safety protection of the same or similar production workshops,

At the same time, necessary safety measures shall be taken in the design in accordance with various design specifications specified by the state, so that the workshop layout can not only meet the needs of production process, but also ensure safe production, and meet the design principles of advanced technology, economic rationality, beauty and practicality

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