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PHARMA CLEAN---Customer Visit

PHARMA CLEAN---Customer Visit


As the saying goes, what a joy it is to have friends coming from afar! As a manufacturer of clean room turnkey project with more than 15 years experience, Suzhou Pharma Machinery is often visited by customers all over the world. Because we have a 600sqm sample cleanroom in Suzhou, China, we can show cleanroom construction and equipment in details. Our aseptic clean room and products have been favored and praised by many international consumers. Recently, we have received foreign customers from all over the world to visit our entity, and they have given high attention and recognition to our products.


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Accompanied by the main person in charge of the department, the customer visited the company's exhibition hall to understand the performance of various equipment and other related knowledge. At the same time, we have professionally answered the questions raised by customers. At the end of the visit, customers expressed high satisfaction with our clean room engineering and services and expressed their willingness to cooperate with us further.


The visit of foreign customers is not only an affirmation of our company, but also an recognition of our product quality and service. We will take this opportunity to further improve our product quality and service level to meet the needs of more customers. Suzhou Pharma Machinery, always be your trusted partner!



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