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Modular Hard Wall Cleanroom, Soft Wall Clean Rooms

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Modular Hard Wall Cleanroom, Soft Wall Clean Rooms
Brand name:
China Jiangsu
USD300-500 dollars per square meter
T/T: Cash; Alibaba trade assurance
Delivery Time:
10-30 days delivery time depends on the actual customized quantity
Supply Ability:
Start Port:
Shanghai China
Packing Details:
Professional Export packaging 

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  • Service:Video technical support, Online support, Field maintenance ,repair service

  • Warranty:1 year

  • Certification:CE ISO GMP

  • Usage:Hospital/Pharmacy/Medical/workshop

  • Floor:clean room PVC 2mm Homogeneous floor

  • Lighting:LED (CE UL)

  • Clean grade:From Class100-100000

  • Name:modular clean room

  • Power Supply:AC 100~240V 1 phase,AC 220~480V 3 phase

  • Type:Vertical Air Flow,horizontal Air Flow

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Limit Discounts

Limit Discounts




The modular clean room uses a uniform size plate, and can also customize different size plates, which can be customized according to the actual size you need, and the plate height can reach 10 meters, but with our many years of experience, it is recommended that customers make a split type, 5 meters A piece of board, 10 meters high at the splicing point. The building materials of the GMP clean room meet the acceptance criteria of the GMP clean room.

The clean room project is easy to install and easy to operate. We can provide complete construction drawings, installation process drawings, online installation, commissioning guidance, and multi-step detailed installation videos. We do not need professionals to successfully complete the engineering work under our guidance. It is convenient. With our continuous improvement and efforts, we will also provide customers with three-dimensional renderings, view the construction site from multiple angles, and understand the construction operation sequence faster. . .

Standard product delivery time is 5-8 working days, customized product delivery time is 10-20 working days, customized product delivery time depends on the quantity to estimate the delivery time.

We have rich export experience, with an average of more than 50PCS per year, and 40-foot-high containers are shipped overseas. Many countries in the world have cooperated with our company, and the feedback is very good.

Every year, many old users continue to order different products from our company. The products are guaranteed, the company is reputable, and the workers have professional construction standards. Our company has completed more than 500 cleanroom projects worldwide.

At present, the new crown virus is breaking out all over the world, but the production progress of our company has not been affected. The Chinese government will also make corresponding policies to ensure that our goods can be smoothly shipped to all parts of the world after production is completed.

If you happen to have a clean room project that needs to be constructed, and if you can't find a reliable partner, you can choose us, Suzhou  Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.

We welcome you 24 hours to order our clean room project and all products.

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1 MOQ is 3*2*2m size of the room,ready to shipping in 3 working days.

2 GMP clean room standard design.

3 Export wooden case packing, quick customs clearance.                                                    

4 Complete installation drawing, online guide installation and debugging

5. Customers can customize HVAC to realize air supply, return and fresh air duct system

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

CleanlinessClass 100 to Class 100000, ISO 5 to ISO 8, Class B to Class D
Project include1. Structure: Wall Panel, Ceiling Panel, Windows, Doors, Various Fittings, Flooring
2.Electric: Lighting, Switch, Cables, Wires, Power Distribution Cabinet, etc
3.HVAC: AHU, Ducting, Piping, Chiller, dehumidifier, etc.
4.Auto-control: PLC Controller, Sensors for Humidity and Temperature, Control Panel
5. Process Piping System: Gas, Water Pipeline
Temperature&HumidityAs clients request
ApplicationPharmaceutical Industry,workshop,food factory,medical,biology laboratory
Qualification DocumentsISO,CE
Our ServiceProfessional Consultation, User-friendly English Sofaware, 24 hours technical support,Foreign installation and commissioning
product-PHARMA-imgCanadian customer installation show
product-PHARMA-imgTop view of clean room wall panel installation process  
product-PHARMA-imgClean room finished exterior display
product-Modular Hard Wall Cleanroom, Soft Wall Clean Rooms-PHARMA-img-1Real effect display of clean room completion




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In order to know your requirement, please fill the following table carefully and supply CAD layout, so that we can provide correct scheme and quotation, thank you!

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