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mini Horizontal laminar flow clean room for laboratory room

mini Horizontal laminar flow clean room for laboratory room

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Product description

The clean workshop is also called the dust free workshop, the clean room (Clean Room) and the dust free room. It refers to the removal of pollutants such as particles, harmful air and bacteria in the air within a certain space, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise and vibration, lighting and static control. A specially designed room for a particular requirement. That is to say, no matter how the external air conditions change, the room can maintain the characteristics of cleanliness, temperature and humidity and pressure.
The development of clean room is closely related to modern industry and advanced technology. As a result of medical, food industry, precision machinery industry (such as gyroscopes, micro bearings processing), semiconductor industry (such as large-scale integrated circuit production), such as the requirements of the environment, promote the development of clean room technology.

Fan filter unit and Hepa box
Hand made 50mm thickness sandwich panel
Double toughened glass window in clean room
Clean room paint steel door
Clean room PVC floor
Air shower for clean room entrance
Common pass through box,laminar flow pass through box
Sterile isolator and 100 class laminar flow hood
Exhaust hood and weighing room
Common AHU and  dehumidification function AHU
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