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How To Plan a 12 Square Meter Clean Room?

How To Plan a 12 Square Meter Clean Room?


The 12-square-meter modular clean room can be widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, precision, and food industries. Today, let's take the drug analysis laboratory  3×4  square meter as an example.


First of all, the design of the wall panel adopts rock wool sandwich color steel panel, which is different from the machine-made panel, and the hand-made panel is stronger because the structure is different from the machine-made panel. In the clean room, wall panels play a key role, there are many types, such as rock wool, EPS, PU, glass magnesium, honeycomb panels. The most commonly used material is rock wool panel, which has advantages due to its fire resistance and thermal insulation properties as well as its price.

The link accessories of the panel should adopt a design that is not easy to accumulate dust, and at the ground connection, the corners should adopt a circular arc design. This is also a special parts in cleanroom materials.


The clean room is a relatively closed space, so the number of openings should be minimized, so how to send external items into the clean room, the pass box plays this role. Its size can be designed according to the size of the item. The commonly used size is 600*600*600mm, or the larger 700*700*700mm. For environments with high cleanliness requirements, the pass box should be with laminar flow, and also it called dynamic pass box, which has a built-in filter. Ordinary pass box do not have filters, but only play the role of transfer, also known as static pass box.


When the staff enters the clean room, they need to pass through an air shower, which is a higher level of clean equipment than the pass box. Remove dust, hair, etc. from the staff.

The top is equipped with a fan filter unit and lighting, and in the next section we will introduce the filter system in the clean room in detail.


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