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High Speed Granulator

High Speed Granulator


The high-speed mixing granulator is supported by the machine body, the pot is the material container, and the stirring rotation and the cutting flying knife drive are the power. The materials are stirred with the stirring paddle to make the materials tumble and mix evenly in a short time, and then the cutting flying knife is used to make particles. Finally, the particles are discharged from the material outlet, and the rotating speed of the mixing and cutting flying knives is changed, so that particles of different sizes can be obtained.

The machine adopts horizontal cylinder structure with reasonable structure.

Inflatable seal drive shaft, which can be switched to water during cleaning.

Fluidized granulation, nearly spherical, with good fluidity.

Compared with the traditional process, the adhesive is reduced by 25% and the drying time is shortened.

Each batch is dry mixed for 2 minutes, granulation for 1-4 minutes, and the work efficiency is 4-5 times higher than that of the traditional process.

Complete in the same closed container, dry mixing wet mixing granulation, process reduction, in line with GMP specifications.

The whole operation has strict safety protection measures.

The centrifugal force formed by the vertical high-speed rotating blades installed at the bottom of the machine body is used to act on the materials, so as to make the periphery roll upward and the center sink downward, making the inner and outer rings, upper and lower layers of materials fully mixed,

★ Use the high-speed crushing paddle installed on the side wall of the machine to break the materials rolling up from the outer ring, and at the same time, play a role of disturbance, increase the relative movement between materials, and improve the mixing effect,

★ Due to the combined action of the above two blades, the materials can be fully and evenly mixed in a short time. Its efficiency is incomparable to other domestic mixers

★ The mixing bin has no dead corner, and the feeding is fast and easy to clean,

★ The material contact parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, so there will be no volatilization, deterioration or loss of materials during the mixing process, which guarantees the requirements of process proportioning,

★ This machine is suitable for mixing dry and wet materials of different proportions, especially for mixing and stirring of chicken essence, pharmaceutical granules, beverage granules and other complex materials.



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