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Handling And Transportation Of Air Conditioning Unit

Handling And Transportation Of Air Conditioning Unit



1. Whether the unit is packaged and transported in an integrated way or in sections depends on the size and type of the unit.

2. Select appropriate transportation or handling tools according to the size and weight of the unit. Forklifts, flat trucks or platform trucks can be used.

3. Pay attention to the following points during transportation:

(1) During loading and unloading, it is not allowed to use the unit piping or manifold as the supporting point for lifting.

(2)Before installation and connection, please do not remove the protective layer at the coil connection.

(3)Before the final positioning or assembly of the unit, please keep the gasket and protective layer of the unit.

When the unit arrives at the site and the installation gap exceeds two weeks, the following protective measures shall be taken.

1. Select a flat and dry place for storage, and at the same time, avoid the unit from vibration and pressure to prevent damage to the box or components.

2. The unit is packed with plastic protective film when it leaves the factory, which may be damaged during transportation or acceptance inspection. Therefore, the unit shall be covered with tarpaulin or plastic film and extended to the bottom of the unit.

When the unit is stored for a long time, it is recommended to enter the fan room of the unit frequently from the access door or the fan section entrance, and gently rotate the fan and motor by hand, which will help to lubricate and rust the bearing

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