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Factory Expansion -PVC Floor Shipment

Factory Expansion -PVC Floor Shipment



Based on the rapid setup of the cleanroom project, the customer's factory has started production. As the customer needs to purchase more equipment, the cleanroom factory has to continue to expand its scale, so the customer adds more PVC floor.


The flooring is heat-sealed to create a continuous, elastic,non-slip and non-porous surface.

PVC tiles are weldable in order to obtain and airtight and continuous surface necessary especially for pharmaceutical sector where aseptic conditions are fundamental.


This flooring has excellent wear resistance values which makes if suitable even for industrial applications, since it can sustain heavy rolling loads.


Our different types of floor track systems are designed to accept floor coving chosen to form an integrated surface which is edge-free and easy to clean. The PVC floor could be extended upward to connect the wall to realize a flat and circular extension from the wall to the floor.


The quality of the flooring material offered, meets or exceeds the user requirements and has long durability.

Our PVC flooring is available in a variety of colors. If you also need to build a clean room project, or expand your plant, please contact us.

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