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Granulation Technology Communication With Clients

Granulation Technology Communication With Clients


After receiving the machine, many customers will always encounter some small problems in the granulation process. I have sorted out some common problems and solutions, which can be used as a reference for novice granulation.


First: mix the extract powder with the excipients evenly.


Second: wet the material with 95% ethanol and stir evenly. Note that this step is key, and the amount of ethanol should be well controlled. When making for the first time, the quantity should be more rather than less! Generally, the amount of 95% ethanol accounts for about 10% of the material. Of course, the amount is different with different varieties.


Third: re wet the material with about 60% ethanol and stir evenly. Note that this step is more critical. First, the amount of 60% ethanol should be well controlled. If the amount is too much, the soft material will be too sticky. The granulation is not like particles. The amount is too small, the granulation is very fast, and the harvest can be used very little. The mixing time is too long, it's too sticky to get the material out. The time is too short and the viscosity may not be enough.


Finally, granulation.


According to this method, the success rate is very high, and the dosage of different formulas is only slightly different. Traditional Chinese medicine extract powder, in general, has strong viscosity in case of water, while in case of alcohol, the viscosity is generally very low. Therefore, when making soft wood, first saturate the space around the solid particles with high concentration of alcohol to minimize the contact point with water, and then replace the alcohol with water to make part of the solid particles contact with water, so as to produce a certain viscosity. In actual production, about 60% alcohol is selected. If pure water is used, it is easy to make the concentration of local water too high in the mixing process. The stronger the viscosity, the easier it is to agglomerate.


The above is some experience and tips summarized. If you encounter other problems in the granulation process, you can contact us. We have rich experience and good after-sales service. We will solve the problems for you at any time when you need.


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