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GMP Clean Room Modular Design Uzbekistan Infusion Device Packing Line

GMP Clean Room Modular Design Uzbekistan Infusion Device Packing Line

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Product Description

Our solid expertise in cleanroom allows meeting the precise needs of its customer's industry in different sectors such as health,pharmaceutical,biotechnology,and cosmetics we firmly believe 
in the principle of Quality by design
1.Easy to disassemble and install according to drawings 2.Customer can customized size and DIY the cleanroom area according to their space requirements 3.The room area can be enlarged at any time, only increase a few GMP panels or doors. 4.Clean room is movable, low cost and low time-consuming.
Product Paramenters

The standard size is 3000mm*4000mm*2500mm.Two worker can install it in 2 hours.It can also be multiple containers connected to form large buildings.Container houses can have many functions because of their different designs.For example, home, office, hotel, restaurant, bathroom, toilet, clean room, laboratories,workshops, schools, hospitals, etc.We have a lot of customers in Europe, the United States. It's very popular and hot sale now
Class 100000, ISO 8, Class D
Products include
1.A single swing door
2.Four windows
3.Two LED lamps
4.Two FFU
5.PVC floor
Container clean room siz
Single swing door size
single swing door 800mm*2100mm
PVC floor color
Blue green random
The window size
Size of leds
300mm * 600mm
FFU size
Wall Material
Sandwich panel
Power source
110V/60hz/av/dc, 220V/60HZ/AV/DC
Our Service
Professional Consultation, User-friendly English Sofaware, 24 hours technical support,Foreign installation and commissioning
Detailed Images
Hand made panel
Aluminum profile
Double glazing Clean room window
Clean room door and  PVC floor
Fan Filter Unit and LED lamps
Packing & Delivery
Our Service

Cleanroom Design

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Company Instruction
The product has been widely recognized by customers and adopted by more and more people. Because of having a lot of merits, it is for sure that the product will have a bright market application future.
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