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Four Sets Shipping Containers Shipped For North America

Four Sets Shipping Containers Shipped For North America



On December 6, 2022 , Suzhou Pharma shipped 4 sets shipping containers (3*40HQ + 1 *20GP) to North America. The products were cleanroom turnkey project.


As usual, after the completion of the products, we presented the quality inspection report, certificate of qualification, photos of the finished goods, test videos, etc., and designed the assembly drawing for the customers so that they could book the number of shipping containers easily.

On average, we ship containers to various countries every month, so we are very experienced in clean room products loading. It takes about 2 hours for 4 sets containers to complete assembly and quantity check.

With our cooperation, the customer has completed the customs clearance documents at present and is expected to finish the customs clearance soon.

 We will contact the customer immediately after receiving the goods and check some important information and technical support ,customers will check the products quantity again and unload the products into containers, and the customer will also place the products according to the function and learn how to install them.


Please look forward to the later progress of clean room installation, we will update the first time! Stay tuned!




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