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Clean Room Cargo for 2 Containers

Clean Room Cargo for 2 Containers



Today is 20221226, and Christmas is still in progress. Because the customer orders late, it is not only close to Christmas and New Year's Day, but also two weeks before the start of the Chinese New Year, the factory will be shut down immediately. Many workers need to leave early to return to their hometown because their hometown is far away. They may need to drive 1000-2000 kilometers to return to their hometown for the holiday, Before the Spring Festival, there will be fewer and fewer workers in the factory. In such a tense situation, we made efficient and rapid preparations for two weeks, and then we successfully completed the production of four containers of goods. Although there has been a serious epidemic in the country recently, many people have to rest for more than two weeks after being infected with COVID-19 before they can continue to work. Fortunately, we still completed the production on time. We sent two containers of goods today, We are very skilled in loading containers. Today we need to load 4 containers, which will be completed within 6 hours. They will arrive in Europe at the end of January 2023. These two are clean room materials purchased by our old customers. We have been cooperating for three years. We have successively sent more than 60 containers to them. After the end of the Chinese New Year, we will continue to send them six containers of clean room projects. We hope that in the new year, we can have more clean room orders to provide more customers with high-quality products and perfect services. We will continue to update and optimize our products, Make the design and drawings more reasonable, and make the video instructions and 3D drawings more accurate and understandable. I hope to get more customer feedback, and constantly improve and improve my ability.



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