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Common Problems With TDP Molds And How To Troubleshoot Them

Common Problems With TDP Molds And How To Troubleshoot Them



With the development of science and technology, more and more countries need drug production and small-scale laboratory to test, so our customers have more needs for machine  for TDP.


In the process of after-sales solution, the customer has also put forward some technical advice on the molds. Then I will summarize several common problems and give some answers for your reference.


1. Upper punch inaccessible into middle ring

Firstly , please check whether die platen is dislocated. Because some molds’ designs are irregular shapes. If the upper punch and the middle ring are dislocated, you can loosen the middle ring fixed screw easily, rotate hand wheel, and make the upper punch fall to the middle ring slowly. Adjust position of the middle ring to ensure that no collision or friction occurs when the upper punch enters the die, then tighten the positioning screw.



2. Whether the molds will be corroded by the raw material

Most of the raw materials are not corrosive mold. If your products are corrosive, please inform us in advance. We have professional anti-corrosion materials specialized pressure high corrosion products, such as salt.



3. How many diameters of tablets that TDP molds can press

Usually TDP can press 5-18mm tablets. After reasonable calculations according to the different shape of products, we recommend use different molds according to the corresponding size. If you need to customize the products molds over 20mm in diameter, please consult as  www.sz-pharma.com.



4. Why are all the raw materials stuck to the mold

This is related to the composition of the material. We suggest that you can add some stabilizers according to the formula.


If you have more suggestions, please contact us !



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