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Cold Storage Room For Food Industry

Cold Storage Room For Food Industry


Cold storage is a warehouse that uses cooling facilities to create suitable humidity and low temperature conditions. Also known as cold storage. It is a place where products are processed and stored. It can get rid of the influence of climate and extend the storage period of various products to adjust market supply.


This project is used for noodles, pasta storage. The wall and roof made of 100mm PU sandwich panel, a double sliding door for cargo entrance and exit. As we could see the picture, the inside surface is fully stainless steel 304 material which is very easy to clean.

Our material adopt well insulated and high density coating to prevent energy loss.

Using one-time thermoforming through special processes and special equipment. The ac unit has a fast cooling rate and low power consumption.


With people's continuous understanding of cold storage, the wide range of applications of cold storage (can be used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, hotel and catering, electronics industry, etc.), people's demand for cold storage continues to increase.


Many customers only ask about the price of cold storage, and then compare the prices from several cold storage companies. Whoever has the cheaper price will choose his product. In fact, this is a very wrong view. The construction and cost of cold storage must consider many factors, purely. Only considering the price may affect the quality and after-sales service of the cold storage


There are many kinds of cold storage panels

1. Color steel plate: with strong anti-rust ability, no anti-corrosion ability

2. Stainless steel plate: high-quality anti-corrosion and anti-rust material

3. Salted steel: beautiful appearance, with certain anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability

4. Polyurethane board refers to a polyurethane sandwich board made entirely of PU or a composite of PU and color steel plate.


Cold storage construction is also a very important role in the pharmaceutical industry. The medical cold storage is mainly used for the preservation and storage of medicines, medical devices,biological samples,medical products,vaccines,reagents,blood samples, bacteria,microorganisms,etc.


Cold storage can also be used to keep flowers fresh. Under normal circumstances, flowers that grow up need to be stored and kept at a temperature of about 5℃ in cold storage, while the temperature in cold storage for storage of tropical flowers should be controlled at 10-12℃. It can prolong the life of flowers and keep them fresh, so as to better improve their own value and bring more economic benefits.

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